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What if Ive never done pilates before?


If you have never done pilates before, Ariapilates is the perfect place for you. In a quiet and private environment, you can learn all the techniques at your own pace with your own private iinstructor. Your instructor will give you an initial consultaion during which she will check your posture and then devise a program that will suit you and your needs. She will then guide you through the moves safely until you feel secure enough to join a group.



How many private one to one sessions should I do before I can join a group?


Everybody is different and everyone learns at a diferent pace. We highly recommend you do at least 10 sessions on a one to one basis so you can feel confident on all the apparatus, and understand the technique in order to gain the most benefit during your workouts.



What if Im pregnant?


If you are pregnant and have done pilates before, then this is one of the most perfect methods of exercise you can do. Your instructor will know which moves are important for you depending on which trimester you are in and will only put you in positions that are safe for you and your baby. Pilates will help ease your back pain, keep you toned and help your pelvic floor remain active which in turn will help during delivery and recovery.  And as soon as the baby is 6 - 10 weeks old, you can return to pilates to help get your body back in shape.




Can men do pilates too?


Yes of course men can do pilates. Men need pilates even more than women! Over time, men develop strong rectis abdominus muscles and their transverse abdominus suffer. These are the muscles necessary to support your back, which is why many men suffer with lower back pain as they get older and stop being as active as they used to be in their twenties and thirties. Pilates is also especially good for golfers and tennis players, which are both very one sided activities. Pilates increases flexibility and increases range of movement and helps to prevent injuries, especially in professional athletes like soccer and rugby players.


Ive done matwork but not the machines. Do I still need a private session?


Machine pilates is very different to pilates on the mat, although there are many moves on the mat that are derived from Jospeh Pilates' original machine moves. We recommend you definately do a few private sessions to get to know how the machines work, especially the safety of each one.


My teenage daugher has scoliosis. Can pilates help?


Pilates is all about strengthening the core which in turn supports the spine. People of any age with scoliosis can definately benefit from pilates as the stronger the core, the better the body will feel. Pilates is a combination of strength exercises and stretches, so the more one stretches, the less strain the body will feel.



What age group is best suited to pilates?


Pilates can benefit people of all ages from toddlers through to 100!



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