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Ariapilates is not just a pilates studio but a space dedicated to your mind and body and well being. We are in the heart of Paddington, Sydney, Australia.


Fully equipped with reformers, cadillac trapeze and wunda chair, Ariapilates is a sanctuary where you can escape from your busy lifestyle.


At Ariapilates we offer Private and Duet Pilates,  Reformer Classes, Mat Pilates,  Remedial and Hot Stone Massage, Singing and Piano Lessons and Beauty Therapy.


If you are new to pilates, call us for your initial consultation on 0404 826 734.

Otherwise book into one of our many group classes or have the instructor all to yourself in a private one to one session.


Ariapilates is for fitness, weightloss, overall body toning, pre and post natal, performers, mums, dads, teens, athletes, golfers, and is highly recommended by doctors, physios, chiros and osteos. Whatever your age, whether you have exercised all your life or never at all, Ariapilates may be just what you are looking for!



Aria is Italian for air or the word used for a song in an opera.

Pilates is a fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates called Contrology, as he believed his method used the mind to control the muscles.

AriaPilates is the combination of your own air (breath) and mind to control your muscles to create a strength of body and mind.