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The health of children today is compromised by a culture of convenience and sedentary activity including eating fast food, watching tv, tablets and phones and playing video games.


A nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle is on a slippery slope downwards. Joseph Pilates said "first educate the child...it is of paramout importance that the child be taught the major principles of balance of body and mind."


A rigorous exercise regime may not be beneficial for young children and could even be harmful due to a child's developing skeletal frame. Therefore a safer, healthier, low impact workout is needed such as Pilates.


Through Pilates children gain an awareness of their body and learn how to move efficiently and gracefully. Pilates will strengthen their bodies which will increase their self-esteem, stamina, abdominal strength and sleep. 


Pilates for teens is especially beneficial for budding ballerinas, athletes and team sport players!


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